My Mother, My Friend

In 1998, Captain George Burk’s story of his experience as a plane crash and burn survivor, The Bridge Never Crossed---A Survivor’s Search for Meaning, earned an outburst of praise.  Now, seven years later, the retired Air Force Officer, speaker, writer and author, returns with his second memoir, this time delivering a poignant reminiscence of his big-city Irish/German upbringing filled with love and loss and fierce family and ethnic pride.
In the tradition of Dennis Smith’s A Song for Mary and Willie Morris’s North Toward Home, George portrays with humor and pride the trials and challenges he faced as a boy of Irish and German descent growing up in Sheraden, a blue collar town a few miles southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As George matures from nine years of age to eighteen, as he leaves home for college, he grows in respect and admiration for his hard-working, courageous, and determined mother, Willa. Readers also come to know George’s sometimes distant father, as well as his warm and vibrant family and the friends who shared his experiences.  As George journeys into manhood, we share his athletic endeavors, his triumphs and failures, and his enduring love for his mother.Tall for his age, a bit naïve, athletically gifted, easily embarrassed and struggling with uncertainties, George Burk was, in many ways, a young man destined for some type of success. Through it all, he could always count on his mother, who, at the cost of her own dreams, sometimes hilariously, always lovingly pulled him along into adulthood. His Irish/German roots were always a source of inspiration and determination. They whispered to him to be all that he could be and provided strength of faith, family and an innate grittiness that said never give up.  My Mother--- My Friend describes the attitudes that led him to excel in athletics and his career in life---how he learned to deal with bullies and how he refused to take crap from anyone---his urge to steal a longed for kiss---and his eventual departure for college. 
God took the fragrance of a flower,
               The majesty of a tree,
               The gentleness of morning dew,
               The calm of a quiet sea,
               The beauty of the twilight hour,
               The soul of a starry night,
               The laughter of a rippling brook,
               The grace of a bird in flight,
   Then God fashioned from those things,
             A creation like no other,
             And when his masterpiece was through,
             He called it simply……..MOTHER

                                                                 George Burk

Value-Centered Leadership My Mother, My Friend-- The Story of Captain George Burk and his love for his mother
ISBN 1-888725-09-5 (perfect bound paper) Copyright © 2006 George Burk • 440 pages • paperback • $32.95 plus $4.00 shipping

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Value-Centered LeadershipValue-Centered Leadership—A Survivor’s Strategy for Personal and Professional Growth.
Copyright © 2004 George Burk • 120 pages • paperback • $16.95 plus shipping
ISBN 1-888725-59-1(perfect bound paper)
One copy  $16.95 plus $4.00 shipping

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Inspiring Story of Captain George Burk, sole survivor of a military airplane crash, burn survivor
Copyright © 1998-2000 George Burk • 170 pages • paperback • $16.95 plus shipping
ISBN 1-888725-16-8 (perfect bound paper)
One copy  $16.95 plus $4.00 shipping
The Bridge Never Crossed

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