Some Dreams Do Come True

Becky was born in the summer of 1957. She was left at Sacred Heart orphanage in Birmingham, Alabama when she was almost two years old.

Milko James Sandi was almost three years older than Becky and was abandoned at the same orphanage when he was only a few hours old.

Both were sent from the orphanage to live with the same foster parents when they were five years old.

Becky became pregnant by Milko when she was almost thirteen. They were forced to separate. Milko was transferred to a boys' home in St. Louis, where he lived for more than twenty years before returning to Birmingham.

Becky had a baby girl and gave her up for adoption. By this time the foster parents had become very fond of Becky Coates, although they never adopted her. Twenty years later she is alone, and living in the same house, even though the foster parents are deceased.

When reunited just hours after their foster mother's funeral, they rediscover the Perfect Love they had so many years ago, but can even this perfect love, born so many years ago in an orphanage, survive the challenge  of years gone by?

From Perfect Love by Mary Harvatich copyright 1999-2000 by Mary Harvatich
BeachHouse Books, (2000) ISBN 1-888725-29-X    5½ X 8½,  200 pp. $12.95
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Mary Harvatich novel about love in an orphanage ISBN: 1-888725-29-X    Perfect Love--a novel by Mary Harvatich  (January 2000) (BeachHouse Books)  $12.95   Sample Chapter 1

What Readers are saying about Perfect Love:

"Sometimes, when you least expect it—a gift comes to you— Perfect Love is such a gift! With only my small flashlight and my one sighted right eye, I read Perfect Love in fifteen hours—nonstop! Not only
did Mary Harvatich capture true life, but she’s given it a heartfelt desire that is needed in today’s society— More stories, Mary—Please!! Thank you Mary!!"
-Marguerite Cannges, St. Louis reader

“I wish all of my patients were like Rebecca Coates.”
-Scott Biest, M.D., St. Louis, Missouri

"This is truly an endearing saga for anyone who has ever dreamed of the Perfect Love!"
-Cherri Megasko,  marketing consultant and mother of two from Canton, Michigan.

"I was pleasantly surprised with the realistic feeling it had in the settings and the characters.  I could actually see these characters as Ms. Harvatich described them in her book. With the turning of every page I found more pleasure in each and every character and situation that Perfect Love presented."
-Jackie M. Dodson, St. Louis, Missouri

"Once you started the book you just didn't want to put it down until it was finished.  I look forward to the next book to find out what happens with Milko and Becky after they are married.
-Quin Littleton, AVP

"This is a beautiful love story that would make a good movie. This is the kind of stories that Hallmark Hall of Fame usually show."
-Dee Taylor

"Perfect Love is the most unusual inspirational, precious love story about teenagers that I have ever read. It's a love story for everybody, but especially for orphans. The author captures the essence of who those orphans are and what they are like. ... This novel isn't just a love story. Not only is it scholarly written, it's educational as well."
-Mabel Johnson

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