Morte D'Eden

 "In a deft series of interconnected stories, Morte d'Eden weaves a bittersweet chronicle of small-town Southern life three decades ago. Against a background of sexual exploration, racial division,  and conflict between the young and the old, narrator Charlie Beagle and his buddies search for love and meaning on their way from high school toward college. A convincing record of one generation."
    Michael Lund, author of Growing Up on Route 66

Jim Booth

is Director of the Effective Writing Program at the University of Maryland University College.  He holds bachelor and master's degrees from UNC Greensboro and a doctorate in writing and the teaching of writing from the University at Albany (SUNY).
A former touring rock musician, Jim currently operates his own independent record label, Goat Boy Records.  His wife Susan is a college administrator.  One son, Joshua, is at Columbia University.  The other, Trevor, is at N.C. State University.
Jim is a fiction writer and the author of The New Southern Gentleman (Wexford College Press, 2002) and Morte D'Eden, or Tom Sawyer Meets the Rolling Stones (Beach House Books, 2003).

Morte D' Eden or Tom Sawyer meets the Rolling Stones—Jim Booth (2003) . Boomer youth culture in a small Southern town in the late 60's against a background of rock and roll, sexual exploration, racial division, and conflict between the young and the old. BeachHouse Books edition 5½ X 8¼, 190 pp ISBN: 1-888725-90-7  $14.95 MacroPrintBooks™ edition (2003)  16 pt. 8¼X6½,  350pp ISBN: 1-888725-91-5  $24.95
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