BeachHouse Books is a publisher of original select literary works and contemporary thought.  Some of our books don't fit mass distribution channels, but we produce them because they are thought-provoking, provocative in general, or sometimes just for the fun of it.  Some of our books are "controversial" perhaps "irreverent" but all of them are intended to improve relationships and the state of the human spirit.
Everyone has a beachhouse, if only in the mind, where you step out of the everyday, settle down in the warming sun, and think thoughts that enable you to deal with life and envision your purpose in a different way.
BeachHouse Books are the kind of books that fit the beachhouse part of your mind, for fun reading, and perhaps that's where they were written.
We are interested in suggestions for useful projects and in acquiring books that fit our mission.
BeachHouse Books is an imprint of Science & Humanities Press.
Author Guidelines are at Science & Humanities Press. Here are some suggested books and other resources for authors.

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BeachHouse Books

an imprint of Science & Humanities Press

BeachHouse Books-an imprint of Science & Humanities Press